Security Systems Monitoring Services
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S3 focuses on providing asset and perimeter monitoring services that leverage patented technology and expertise in designing customer-specific solutions.   

The S3 Tower systems are ideal for Ports, Airports, Borders, Pipelines and Critical Infrastructure.  A customer has the option of acquiring the Tower systems or working with S3 to provide an integrated long-term service relationship.

The S3 service includes:


The S3 systems and service can be tailored and applied to different industries, terrain and environments:

  • Major Events Major Events Perimeter and Crowd Monitoring
  • Borders Borders Monitor and respond to threats in remote areas
  • Pipelines Pipelines Monitor and respond to encroachment and tampering of assets
  • Airports Airports Alarm when animal or human enters airfield
  • Prisons Prisons Monitor and alarm movements at fencing/perimeter of facility

Benefits for Customers

Additional benefits of the S3 asset and perimeter monitoring service are:

Minimum Upfront Capital Expenditure:
Customers can contract and pay for technology and services over a multi-year term.

Operational Efficiency:
Customers can achieve greater uptimes and focus efforts on their core business

Reduced Management Complexity:
The S3 team is responsible for implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

Technology Refresh:
S3 is responsible for refreshing technology over the life of the contract.