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Protect your property

The S3 solution provides unparalleled home security and its adaptability enables towers to blend into the property becoming relatively un-noticed. Systems can either be wired or solar powered depending on which system is best suited for the application. Solar power provides a potentially more reliable solution where back-up power is not available on a property; however, all of S3's towers, whether solar, or wired, include an integrated battery back-up system that provides for a back up period typically in excess of 5 days of continued operation.

Gated Communities and Golf/Country Clubs

The S3 system secures and protects the outer perimeter of many private residential golf and country club communities. The S3 system immediately notifies the guard house of an activated zone violation with visual verification, allowing proper response to the potential threat.

Large Tracks of Land

S3's wireless systems can be used to secure large tracks of land quickly and cost effectively. Once installed, there is little maintenance required. Intrusion detection can be applied to detect both human and other types of unwanted trespassers, wolves, deer, etc., and typically the systems is configured so that smaller animals, raccoons, birds etc do not cause the system to alarm.

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