Security Systems Monitoring Services

Security Systems Monitoring Services

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A worldwide perimeter and asset monitoring set of products and services


Monitor unauthorized seawall entry, container tampering, and theft.


Monitor airfield perimeters for threats, unauthorized entry, and illegal airside access.


Monitor incidents, maintenance and security events.

S3 provides flexible critical infrastructure, remote asset and perimeter monitoring services leveraging patented solar powered technology and expertise in designing customer-specific solutions.

Worldwide Asset and Perimeter Monitoring

  • Integrate with Existing Systems
  • Patented Technology
  • Tailored to Client Needs
  • Permanent and Temporary Deployment
  • Multi-Year Service
Sensor System Comparisons

It is hard to decide on the right security system since there are so many different types of exterior perimeter security systems available on the market. This paper is designed to answer the following questions: What are the most common perimeter s...

  • Infrastructure Valuable infrastructure constantly require monitoring and protection.
  • Rail Monitor and detect rock fall, protecting railways and movement of goods.
  • Commercial Protect perimeters and assets of all types of businesses.
  • Borders Monitor and respond to threats in remote areas